VersaDial™ Chemical Control Device

VersaDial™ Chemical Control Device

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INCREASED DILUTION RANGE & RESOLUTION – With the car wash industry pushing towards more concentrated chemical solutions, Hydra-Flex has developed a unique solution that offers an extended range of dosing ratios with extreme low-end tolerance: the VersaDial Chemical Control System. With 32 unique settings, the dial is able to work with the lowest concentrates on the market.

IMPROVED RELIABILITY & CONSISTENCY – The internal disc utilizes a long, torturous channel – vs. a small orifice size found in current metering tips – which eliminates clogs, requiring less maintenance and replacements. The dial also provides consistency from draw to draw, and from device to device. The correct amount of chemistry is delivered, every time.

EASE OF USE & SAFETY – Eliminates the need to physically change tips or find colors, just rotate the dial to your desired dilution. VersaDial also provides greater safety for users by eliminating the need to interact directly with chemistry.

Included: Filter, Chemical Control Dial & Quick Connect

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