PC1 All Composite Quick-Connect Dual Hose Barb

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Composite injectors are designed to stand up to the most aggressive, yet common, car wash chemicals.

Dual hose barb Venturi injector for diluting two chemicals with water.  The nozzle and body of these injectors are manufactured using a corrosion-resistant composite material, which has been tested by the industry's leading chemical manufacturers with consistently positive results. A Hastelloy® spring, a Teflon® check ball, and an exclusive XFC o-ring material are also used for long life and durability.

Injectors are color-coded based on the water flow needed for each individual application, and combine with color-coded chemical metering tips to proportion the precise chemical mix ratio.

For use with Aqua-Lab Chemical Dispensing Systems.

PC1 injectors are for use with SAM valves only.


Connection Type: PC1 Quick Connect, All Composite
Max Pressure Inlet / Outlet: Up to 250 PSI (17 bar)
Temperature Range: 40º F - 140º F (4º C - 60º C)
Number of Hose Barbs: 1
Maximum Wrench Torque: Hand Tighten Only (30 in-lbs)

Part Numbers

Injector Color  Flow Rate @ 200 PSI Part Number 
Yellow    0.50 GPM   329040
Tan    0.75 GPM   329051
Red  1.00 GPM  329057
Orange  1.50 GPM  329070
Grey  2.00 GPM  329083
Dark Blue  2.25 GPM  329086
Light Blue 3.00 GPM 329095
Light Green  3.25 GPM  329098
Pink 3.75 GPM 329106
Dark Green 5.50 GPM 329125


PC1 injectors are for use with SAM valves only.

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